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Austin Texas Marijuana | Cannabis | Hemp Commercial Real Estate Property Listings

December 5, 2017

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marijuana commercial property austinAs more studies are done on the medicinal benefits of marijuana (aka cannabis) more life-improving treatments are being found for people with serious health problems such as epilepsy, chronic pain, autism, aids, loss of appetite, post traumatic stress disorder, cancer, anxiety, etc. Many of these debilitating conditions are untreatable with conventional drugs which can also have intolerable or dangerous side effects. Some Texas patients have actually reported being able to stop taking these conventional drugs which in many cases are very expensive and not covered or only partially covered by insurance.

Thanks to the Compassionate Use Act which was approved over in 2015 oils made from cannabidiol for medical needs have been approved. Marijuana plants produce Cannabidiol however the oil does not produce a high or euphoria which is what marijuana is mostly known for.

Increase in Marijuana Related Commercial Real Estate Properties

As more states approve such uses you will also see a rise in commercial real estate properties that cater to the growing of marijuana. These commercial properties will typically be Austin industrial warehouse spaces which will allow companies to grow cannabis under tightly controlled environments. Also as Texas state laws relax retail spaces will start to pop up in Texas that sell marijuana for recreation use.

Texas Approved CBD Dispensaries 

  • Surterra Texas has a North Austin marijuana dispensary
  • Cansortium Texas
  • Compassionate Cultivation 

They have been licensed to cultivate, extract, and dispense marijuana that is less than .5% THC by weight. Also if Texas lawmakers ever relax the states rules on marijuana cultivation these companies will have an inside track since they are the first to reach commercialization.

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